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Katherine Reay

Latest Letter

My First Letter…

Hello! And welcome to my newsletter’s new format… With so many emails we must read, I hope you’ll find these ones you want to open.

Why Letters?… Someone once asked why I reference so many books within my stories. I replied that I believe books provide a common language; they sneak into our hearts and we relate to them on a deep level, and to others through them. I then quipped, “My books are love letters to books.” And it’s true… So that’s where these letters began. Letters from me to you – and please feel welcome to write letters back. I will reply.

For this First Letter, I have news to share…

A Peeps Team

I am starting a Peeps Team. It’s commonly called a Street Team and it’s a group of people who come alongside a writer to help spread the word for a book launch. I simply wanted to name this one something special and will endeavor to make it something special too.

My goal is thank the Peeps Team for their help by creating a place where we can gather and have some fun – and goodies are always part of fun. I also promise it will never be a huge time commitment – I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

The button below will link you a few questions. When first reading them, I balked. The last five books I read? I can’t even remember what I read yesterday… My publicist reminded me that they are merely a way to get to know each other – don’t let them scare you. 🙂

Thank you for your support, subscribing to my newsletter, and for making it this far in my inaugural Letter! And be assured… Regardless of your participation in any Peeps Team, there will be plenty of news, giveaways and fun here as we approach November 1st and launch day for A Portrait of Emily Price.

Let’s “talk” soon… Katherine

Click here for the Questionnaire…