Meet Katherine

Katherine-Reay-imgKatherine Reay is a writer, wife, mom, continually rehabbing runner, compulsive vacuumist and a horrific navigator…

She graduated from Northwestern University and earned an MS in Marketing from Northwestern as well. She then worked in marketing and development before returning to graduate school for a Masters of Theological Studies. Moves to Texas, England, Ireland and Washington left that degree unfinished as Katherine spent her time unpacking, raising kids, volunteering, writing, and exploring new storylines and new cities.

The Reay family (with a great sense of permanency) now resides outside Chicago, and Katherine pursues writing with more focus. She writes character-driven stories and non-fiction that focuses upon examining the past and how it influences our present experiences.

Here are a few random facts Katherine willingly shares:

1. I’m a former runner. That’s so hard to say… Feeling a little weepy. An injury has sidelined me for the past year and now, rather than working out story ideas during runs, I find other ways to get myself in shape and characters into trouble.

2. I’m a Tae Kwon Do black belt. It’s only surprising once you’ve met me – I come across as extremely demure and mild-mannered. Know me better and some distinct quirky tones emerge.

3. I can’t spell. I’ve always been a writer, but I can’t spell beyond my own name and a few simple words. My mother gave me a small spelling dictionary for my tenth birthday that I carried around for years. She said it was hereditary; so I quit beating myself up about it around that age too.

4. I’m directionally challenged. Our favorite family show is The Amazing Race and for years my kids have begged us to apply. Yet I can’t navigate my way down a straight street. Last summer, on a family trip, I heard a call from the backseat: “It’s okay, Mom. You’re off the hook. We get it now.”

5. I watch Jeopardy. We eat dinner as a family almost every night. The first half is spent in very healthy communication, while the second half is absorbed in Jeopardy and yelling out answers. We kill it when it comes to random trivia!

6. I have a weakness for dessert. My first book idea came to me when we lived in London and I set out to find Europe’s tastiest Tiramisu. Sweet idea, but I kept eating my research. I’ve given up on dessert-driven-literature, but I do eat a small bowl of ice cream. Every. Single. Day.

7. I’m a homebody. And yet, I’ve moved seventeen times, including three international moves. I’d like to never move again. Please.